THE SOCIAL MEDIA SOAP OPERA – Nine Lives by Mikko Mahinay

“You are not this person that someone is accusing you of, just remember who you are and who you can be, I make it to a point where I would not be in the same equation as this person.” – Nicole Abas-Datayan

As I have previously mentioned here, Nicole Abas and I have so many things in common that we frequently lose track of time whenever both our working schedules permits us to have some casual catching –up. Any eavesdropper could easily notice the transition of topics we would talk about, ranging from as culturally refining as a Gucci Dionysus bag appreciation chat, to some sort of personal stance against the politics of local tinsel town and even something as casual as Yoga work-out routines and Acai bowl recipes. We’re both easily misconstrued as whatever the public majority perceives us as, and it varies depending on how each individual understands another’s personality (seriously, who on earth is Mary Sunshine 24/7 these days?) Nicole and I also share the same, although not precisely but inevitably coexisting, industries; as she is a common

fixture in local Hollywood for years I have lost count of.  It’s in this world we’re labelled as public figures (although, what exactly is a public figure by definition these days?) and we have both been the target of public scrutiny, in the digital landscape. But Nicole’s situation was worst than mine. I did read her Facebook post almost 3 years ago that went viral, that even if you read it between the lines, it was nothing offensive, not even the slightest. But then, in the world of social media where the boundaries are blurred beyond recognition and where most things are blown out of proportion by irresponsible citizens, believing and instantly sharing information without clarifying or fully comprehending the context of it; the way Nicole resiliently handled the situation and returned unscathed, are things that made me admire and respect her more than I am capable of.


PPerhaps, the question at large is (& has always been for me), is how on earth do these bashers or haters be so vocal of their sheer utter dislike of anyone or in disagreement of anything? Don’t get me wrong- you can never please everyone and I sure do disagree with some opinions or dislike some people, but never has it come to my mind to publicly declare my dislike of anyone, or do I see the relevance of trying to bring other people to join my bandwagon. And even if the intention of your post was innocent or simply, venting out your opinion (and we do live in a democracy, with questionable boundaries on freedom of speech, too) or even, pointing out what is or was obvious; but some individuals just act out as questionable as they are, contradicting what they preach from what they do (in one instance, one person lambasted a celebrity’s wedding but praised the wedding of this politician’s wedding- because they were friends with the latter) and again, with the digital environment having no boundaries, everyone instantly becomes a public figure.

In any way you are extra cautious of what you put out there; whether it’s personal or not, there will always be haters to notice the pores on the selfie you posted or how you wore the same outfit more than once in less than a month after the last. Or from the saturation of social media, you may not like everything you read or hear while you scroll down on your mobile phones, with another person voicing out their political opinion while the other objectifies it. But rather, always be aware of your identity and be proud of it that no matter what a basher says about you, you know it isn’t true, or it is true and aware of it, but you have come to full terms of your flaws and mistakes. Or when you don’t like something, no need to publish your disparagement against it or publicly shame anyone- it’s not and never will be anyone’s privilege to do so.

Photography & Styling / Mikko Mahinay for Mindanao Gold Star Daily Urban Life

Hair & Make-up / Cleve Janobas

Wardobe / Guela Ampong Pants Suit & Mags

Location / Seda Hotel Centrio

With excerpts from my #SocialMediaAwareness talk at the University of Science & Technology of the Philippines, March 10, 2017.

Click here for the full article about Nicole Abas-Datayan by Catherine Chu.




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