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Processed with Snapseed.Wandering off the beaten track has always paid dividends in rainbows and colourful people.

Travelling has always been my rendition of crystal meth addiction. You’re excited to be getting on a flight for the sole reason that you won’t have to look at your inbox for at least half an hour, you know you’re on the brink of burning out.

Indeed, it has been quite the year.

One of the conversations I had the past few weeks, I had to tell everyone, including my Uber driver (who was relatively most likened to a talkative albeit adorable jolly uncles) how fascinating it has been that the world has found ways for its residents to actually explore beyond the corners of their household. Don’t get me wrong, I know several people who have financial concerns when the word “travel” is blurted out. But you don’t need to really go out of your own country, or even spend much wherever you are. Like, for this particular trip to Mactan, which is no stranger to me, was spontaneous and significant to suffice a Mikko Mahinay who was about to die from too much work after 15 days stuck in his hometown. When AirBNB surfaced from the shadows of California to provide suitable and decent shelter to every traveller, or when Uber or even Grab, has provided reputably secure transportation (well, compared to most farfetched scamming taxi cab drivers I have experienced)


Processed with Snapseed.

In the beautifully sedative dry heat of my 72 hours in Mactan, I found a momentary appreciation for Bohemian abandon and, most shockingly, for bare legs (those of you who have been reading for a while will know how absolutely outrageous this is). The latter came only after a morningof indignant allegiance to my newfound cerulean love of a pull-over in the face of a solid 35 degrees Celcius, and unpredictable weather. While it was not a disastrous degree of perspiration on a scale of dewy to extreme embarrassment, I was defeated enough to strip down the following morning while exploring the area surrounding Mactan on foot. I’ll admit I only got halfway there – knit tops and satin bombers in this kind of heatwave doesn’t bode so well – but you know… we’re learning.

Back to business.

For a photographer, the first thing you notice about a place when you’re travelling is usually the architecture, but then it’s always the light. One of the main reasons the Philippines produces so many photographers is because of our amazing golden hours in the morning and early evening, that inspire creative eyes to capture imagery. Mactan’s light casts a poetic and dusty golden filter over everything throughout the day and finish off with a blush pink sky every dusk. Unlike Manila, whose shadows always seem to be blue, Mactan shade is red and earthy, and super conducive to wearing muted tones of mustard, burnt orange powder blue and khaki – all of which are dominating my suitcase-wardrobe this week, which is just as well. Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to see the necessary likes of Kendaya before my flight back home, but for the time being, this hilarious tableau of two hungover oranges, comatose with their empty bottles at sunrise, was quite sufficient until an inevitable second visit, and hopefully a longer stay.












All Through-Out:

1.) White Espadrilles & Jute Rope sole slippers, H&M.  Navy & silver case, dark blue dial, silver Milanese strap watch, Aevi Watches. Cork passport holder, 15:21. My new gadget, Asus Zenfone 3. Holi Clutch, Ethnique Ph.

2.) Non-curate candid moments made curated c/o memories in Instax.

3.) Post-sudden downpour, but the sky still ended up blushing as it always does.

4.) Papi chulo and his customized iPhone6s Plus casing from Edge Grind.

5.) Textured knit top in seafoam green, shorts and espadrilles, all from H&M.

6.) Quite a heavy brunch, thanks to The Forum, at Movenpick Hotel & Resort.

7.) Sukujan bomber jacket, Zaful. Pink luggage, Flawless. Matching wall mural, AirBNB’s Bryles Home & Travel apartment.

8.) Maharani clutch, Ethnique Ph.

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