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Has it ever occurred to you that we’re nearing the half of the year 2017?  And unforeseen instances have delayed the third and final installment of my Singapore travel diary- aside from the usual writer’s block and constant battle meeting client deadlines that are usually left resolved punctually, courtesy of several packs of cigarettes, cups of coffee, a lack of social life and sleepless nights. But seriously, my battle with writer’s block for this post was unexpectedly defeated during one of dad’s weekly habit of abducting me from my room for late night pizza take outs; and the many things you can think of while waiting for your order of pizza with potato wedges and Parmesan chicken wings can leave you speechless.


I haven’t reorganized this space for some time now and I nearly have no May 2017 on my archives soon enough for several, although valid reasons. Correspondingly, about a year ago, my original blog hosted via Tumblr was locked out after Tumblr had a third party breach. Thankfully, that incident did eventually leave me to defect from Tumblr to a more customized site via WordPress and it’s not the same unfortunate (or rather, fortunate) instance this year for my (almost) lack of content for May.

Was it a technical problem? Yes, I often exceed my allowed monthly bandwidth allowance that I have to wait until the beginning of a new bandwidth cycle (don’t worry, I know tech noobs such as myself are getting some sort of cranial damage from reading such jargon) and my original laptop just died out on me without any explanation but managed to resurrect itself, right after I bought a new one. So I now have 2 laptops (But who says you can ever live with just one?)  Was I too preoccupied? Although I have always said that one is never too busy to do the things you love; to my defense, I do balance multiple jobs every month with frequent travels to cultivate the creative assets per se, and having to deal with actual #adulting and the accounting balance sheets it comes along with- you just have to give me an authentic break from time to time to recompose myself. Did I lack any visual content? Evidently on my Instagram account where business is regular on a daily basis, no and never will be

(apparently, I’m that friend who never gets tired of taking photographs / low key hinting I’d turn out into a good Instagram husband *wink wink*) Did I not know what to write about? Frankly, I’ve never ever thought of my blog as an environment of banal content that would just compete with some other website with a million hits every day because I’ve always wanted my own space for my own editorial method of thinking: nothing too obvious but not too political or too personal, as well.  Was I uninspired? Perhaps, but most likely struggling to find the writing direction without being too obvious (just how many posts can you find on the first page of Google search result’s about “what to do in Singapore?”) or being too personal (I find it rather peculiar to post the remainder of my recent overseas trip with writing about, oh geez idk, moving on after a break-up?)

And perhaps that’s it, that’s the reason for the brief break up in here.

I think as any genuine creative would reluctantly agree, you can never be too uninspired to create art in the forms of visual, auditory or in  literature; you sometimes just need a particular direction that would elevate whatever you have conceived from something we’ve all seen or read before, to something innovative that exhilarates the senses. As I do frequently say, just how many times can you photograph the same objects but in different angles to call it art? How many flatlays can you post because you know that’s somewhat the cheat sheet for an Instagram post that’s paid? (Or to some, unfortunately under ex-deal, but let me know go into that now without sounding like I’m throwing shade) Or how many times can you write about something without having the same content with the person who also had the same PR kit you received? Art should always be beautiful, maybe rehashed, but should somewhat be thought-provoking every now and then. I still did have some difficulty finding the more adequate article to counterpart the visual content for this post- but I eventually figured out, , “if I can’t find the words to write then why not just write about why you just can’t write the right words?

Innovative enough?

Over and out.

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