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It’s that time of the year again wherein every e-commerce newsletter that surprisingly ends up in your e-mail inbox sends you end of year bargains and promos over grocery items and in some ironic twist of fate, several gyms capitalize out of that to earn a decent revenue over individuals who need to shed all the holiday weight- “oh it’ll be Summer in about 3 more months after. I need to get a six pack!” It’s that time of the year when almost every single social media post is full of arbitrary mantras of resolutions “New Year, New You” quotes or “2017, please be kind to me” as if there was no need ever for immediate correction over our own mishaps and shortcomings.  As obsessive-compulsive and as much as a perfectionist as I am, which eventually led to a color-coded closet and a curated Instagram feed thank you, I have never felt the need to pin the entire year ahead of me on the success or failures of these resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m dominant & corrective and nothing gratifies me more than having anything that I want done to be done, or when I get my way, but I always reserve a lot of space for improvement for myself or for others when life takes a detour.


The real problem with New Year’s resolutions is not that they’re unfeasible. I don’t feel that “I will exercise more regularly”, “I will eat more vegetables”, or “I will be more open-minded” are irrational in the slightest. The real issue, in my experience, is being bilateral. First, the lack of specificity – what is “exercise”? Walking to the fridge? Be open-minded about what? About what to wear? There’s far too much latitude to pardon yourself from an overwhelming guilt in not ticking that box, or to forget about commitment altogether.

Second, resolutions tend to be positively proactive, which means they just sound good than they are actually being done. That is, you need to actively force yourself to do something – quite onerous when it requires dragging yourself out of bed in the wee hours of dawn to salute the sun.

Proactive improvements are terribly admirable for those of us who can manage them, but given the lack of solving something, or eliminating some problem, “I will be more healthy” is likely to become more of a burden than, say, “I will stop eating fast food”. So, for the year I’m approaching with more optimism than I have ever done, I resolve the following:


I wouldn’t really say 2016 was my year, nor was it a bad year at all. Not because it was in any way lukewarm but because I never believed, or is it even proven by any scientific explanation or was it written in any constitutional law, which an individual only gets a single good year in their entire lifetime. Or one unfortunate event is enough for a person to forsake the rest of it and puts the year in eternal damnation. Every year there’s a balance of positive and negative and each one has its significant purpose for a greater, much divine, although non-denominational, agenda.

Happy New Year, kids!

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 In Film Outtakes from my favorite 2016 moments/ #ViVidAtTheNest, The Nest Squad, #AxeBlackDavid/#AviationAxe and October Vol. 1.

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