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Why, hello January. I still find myself somewhat adjusting in writing 2017 at the end of every date of every business letterhead or even the peculiar feeling that October felt like it was yesterday but really was almost 100 days ago. And in my apparent month long radio silence up in this space, my reasoning is valid beyond the common excuse of being preoccupied; which I despise when I frequently hear from other colleagues or even, friends for that matter. Over the past few weeks since my last post that involved a pseudo-obligatory year end article, I have found myself in the fury of several tasks with deadlines; most that I had to excel in performance and meet deadlines, to prepare myself financially for my first overseas trip for 2017. Within the four weeks you haven’t seen anything new up in here (although, if you do follow me on Instagram, you know the usual routine of micro-blogging and consistent daily updates is still business as ushe) I had to double my efforts of being the multi-faceted & multi-tasking hyphenate that I already am: selling my pre-loved and never before used clothes, the seemingly never ending home office renovations, dealing with meetings (one of which I had to brave through a flood just to go across to; but you just have to do it, it is business) the usual dealing with two-faced egos, countless shoots for the usual brands & clients and having found myself commissioned to do 2 feature editorials for the local newspaper (yas! Will post the outputs quite soon) and at the end of the 10 day hustle, I finally found myself sitting quite relieved I was able to meet my self-imposed quota and at the plane on to Singapore (again, another soon to follow post although for instant updates via curated images, follow me on Instagram!) further contributing to another week of radio silence and actual time to compose my thoughts and transcribe them in writing without sounding so commercial (“Hey guys! How are you?” Pfffft) And you just have to work double time only because your former employer delays a refund you constitutionally deserve from money you saved up for the trip (which is, btw, a violation of Philippine Labor Code. Which is another story, one I wouldn’t even divulge anyway. But hey! Wink wink!)


I have never ever felt adulting this intense. Like, ever.


But then again, the divine being gives His blessing when we mere mortals ask, or for those who aren’t spiritually nurtured- the universe conspires with you when determination and hard work are hand-in-hand for the common threshold you have set for yourself. I found myself with more than the targeted USD $500 quota for the trip that I even managed to shop a ton of new, fancy clothes for my trip and even bought new camera lenses. And with how crazy work has been, it has even made me feel like the days went by faster- easing any anxiety & excitement of the flight I booked. Nothing is impossible & everything happens for a darn good reason, in lay man’s terms.
With the almost impossible queue of pending deliverable, I finally found the time to update Nine Lives; reason being that as of writing, it’s a city wide blackout and Philippine mobile data unfortunately has its limitations for your consumption, which has made me consider taking this time of digital detox and away from the constant fear of e-mails (& to some degree, Facebook & Instagram messages, too) of deadline reminders and an infinite to-do list, to immerse myself and reconfigure what this whole holocaust of a schedule has taught me .
I wasn’t busy. I was productive.


Shoot from my self-written article for Mindanao Gold Star Daily, December 5, 2016 issue. Click here for the full write-up available online.

Photography // Studio 8
Styling // Darrell Bautista
Grooming // Mikko Mahinay

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