OH MY SHOES – Nine Lives by Mikko Mahinay

Footwear has always had an intriguing power over me; and has & is always the reason for constant excess luggage charges during frequent travels (which, up until this day, I’ll never understand the logic of how the mechanism works) because I can never be too sure of my selection up until I see all options available in front of me. Most of the time I allot myself in preparation is actually consumed by indecisiveness with several factors to be taken in consideration: does this pair not just match my outfit but actually, provide justice to the substance of the event I am attending in the same manner as Michelle Obama gives respect and a complete backstory in what she’s wearing to where? And no, I am not about even reconsider about having to play it safe by wearing the same pair in subsequent outfit posts, but just in different outfits (this is out of my apparent OCD, both cognitive and visually) as I always say that style isn’t about keeping it safe and wearing the same look out of different pieces- rather, it’s about the constant progression in developing your signature aesthetic without compromise.


And dear God, was that a long sentence that’s easy to be condemned by grammar Nazis.

I am not going to even talk about the current fail safe ensembles of a bomber with a white sneakers- we all know that works, but style needs to be applied with fervent and actual (or if not, at least subculture education) comprehension. We’re talking about precarious looks such as this on a recent trip to the big city up north. I would have been safe (& saved a few bucks by sparing myself of excess luggage) and rather opted to bring a single pair of white sneakers on this trip- but I wanted a delightful juxtaposition in my white sneakers & custom-made olive green jacket with the historical drama of age old churches as a set. I wanted to look effortless and an amalgam of various prints in a single ensemble to match my knit runners as I dabble across the streets.  And lastly, I wanted drama to compliment the palette of the western season.




Truth be told, I have been wearing these 3 in quite a heavy rotation the past month or so and having neglected my other pair of shoes and further concluding that perhaps; the power of footwear over me has loosen its grip at the very least. Perhaps, in this regard, I am finally and completely spared from further excess luggage on my next flight.

Look # 1 / Custom-Made Olive Green Jacket. White Sneakers with Green Detail, Erwin from SM Milanos

Look # 2 / Camouflage Jacket and Striped T-shirt, both from Forever 21. Knit Runners, Marshall from SM Milanos

Look # 3 / Thrift-Shopped Tan Denim Jacket. Plaid Button-Down, Wrangler. Brown Loafers, Virgo from SM Milanos.



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