OCT VOL. I : V & V – Nine Lives by Mikko Mahinay
OCT VOL. I : V & V

Its official: the dynamic duo behind Vern <3 Verniece blog may have an application for adoption open.


My October has been exceptional; both in the adverbial sense and in the most ironic way you can think of. I’ve never had this much work load for my personal brand ever that it needs a celebration, but I’ve never also had this much intermittent flights in between and the accompanying & usual mental and physical exhaustion attributed to a brain working at ridiculously 26 hours a day  (it takes me 5 cups of coffee in the morning and 2 hours after waking up to be fully operational) but again, the positive pin maps in our mindsets (should) always overpower whatever that is negative. And for bloggers/influencers/media personality, some quality time altogether is a pretty great cognitive vacation.

My October was mostly spent with the dynamic tandem of Vern and Verniece. The two need no introduction, having skyrocketed in success over the years in the grand scheme of the digital realm. And this isn’t the first time we have worked or spent time together, but we have had for a total of 4 times this year already, yet there’s a connection between the three of us that often feels like we have known each other since pre-teen phases, bartering souvenir stationary sets with commercialized scents and gushing over silver screen crushes. Vern and her naturally poised and posh soft spoken self with a tone that’s authentically endearing to hear (like the girl sounds like she does not get angry)

and Verniece with her more upbeat and playful nature that just makes anyone feel youthful. Perhaps, this is attributed by the fact that we have more than just the common ground of blogging; but we have an affinity for coffee & intricately detailed aesthetics that consists of dramatic structures in white or beige over having mediocre photographs against a blatant unpainted concrete wall, closed metal railing or something that is too visually effortless and all three of us have a massive disparagement when we have something green (spcifically, the non-Gucci, yellow-ish green) in our images.

There’s an indisputable telepathic link between us and our devil may care personalities and neglect other elements obstructing our way, as long as we’re able to get the experience and the image (If you’ve been following our Snapchats- we once braved a storm and an hour’s drive to get to a waterfalls for a photo. My initial response during a phone conversation the night before the trip was “but there’s so much green in there!“) and it’s not because we are shallow in our aesthetic but real talk– that’s our job to provide inspirational images. We talk about romances by the beach, which, I do not talk about with most people- just evidence how the existing connection is relatively strong. It is in these more personal, less work related instances wherein you truly appreciate any individual more and actually comprehend as to why the Enciso sisters have become household names, nationally and even, globally.

As I mentioned in this previous post about my bond with David & Vina, Vern and Verniece don’t fall short over those who I have grown accustomed and a sense of familiarity within the industry ( And Laureen, too, who I have and will always consider as a subconscious guiding force who has contributed to the majority of my own professional principles, and has set the standard of the output I expect from others) and as what Vern once blogged about, and with an addition of my own interpolation; working in digital

has transcended into the new age form of a (more) global platform type of Hollywood- it can be the most difficult jobs to understand, and it takes one to know one; or rather, it takes one to truly understand, appreciate and spark the connection with another one. It’s like David is the brother I never had, Vina is my brother’s girlfriend I’m close with, Laureen is like the elder sister who commands without being a dictator but because she knows what is best, and Vern & Verniece are extensions of who I am- one souls broken into 3 different bodies.

30182912892_d855a2138e_oWith all of this in mind, one thing I have realized with all of my experiences the past few months have gone by is that because being in the industry isn’t exactly as easy as how the audience visually perceives it initially; having to deal with other egos, deadlines, flights and how creativity is sparked by inspiration (and no one is fully inspired all of the time) The best thing we can significantly offer with each other in our field is undying support and loyalty. One thing is for sure, Vern & Verniece can definitely depend on me to give 200% of my love & support.

Over and out!

All Through-Out:

Cover Photo // Four Cafe

1.) Touchdown homeland turf welcoming committee outdid themselves. Pat on the back, old chums from my ex-office at The Nest.

2.) H&M CDO Grand Opening. Limited edition H&M hardbound book c/o A-List Events.

3.) Detour trip for post-Shanequaaa Snapchat episode at Movenpick Hotel and Resort, Mactan Island, Cebu.

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