MILANOS | PARISIAN F/W 2017 – Nine Lives by Mikko Mahinay

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In the face of almost every brand in the world, an event and its purpose & eventual objectives are as crucial as the brand itself in existence. I do not know of the politically correct term to use over the course over the past few months- deja vu, perhaps? Or even, destiny? Or shall we leave all these terminologies behind the pages of graphic novels full of romantic context. All I can say by the end of this post is- I told you so.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? 


An event is crucial to a brand, regardless if they are a sapling off the commerce board or a tenured game player. With set goals such as introducing the brand itself, launching a new product or service (or in this age, even announcing you now have social media presence needs some sort of echo across a sea of commercial platforms) and even, when a new brand ambassador is to be debuted to the public. Regardless whichever is your choice of reason for the event, the final and yet most significant product is to create awareness, honor your existing audience, reach out potential clientele and eventually resulting to an increase of sales.

Millennials, although they do not necessary have the buying capacity, do somehow, contribute the most in awareness (after all, Snapchat or it didn’t happen) And a brand has to reconsider other factors such as visually arresting modules and exhibits, interactive and somewhat highly beneficial contests and most of all, a reason for people to actually attend, and even post about the entire experience. In most cases, bring in some sort of celebrity or someone of great influence or it’s not even worth an hour’s time. Follow everything and the results are beyond impressive & actually worth every dime you spent (For every frugal business mogul’s concern, by which is, an oxymoron statement)

Needless to say, when I attended to watch SM Milanos and SM Parisian’s #TheHottestFair, I resist but observe how the event had every element responsible to spell out correct and successful. You have your game booths and sales booths, a first-hand preview of the holiday series in a spectacle of a fashion show and a reason for millennials to anticipate- you have a celebrity involved (& in this case, it was beyond sensationalized,  given they had both James Reid and Nadine Lustre, who have dominance in both traditional and contemporary digital media) 

To my own being, #TheHottestFair was beyond satisfying- visually and cognitive. And during the entire event, I couldn’t help but take mental notes how this was quite, if not almost, similar to an event concept I created for a different brand who asked for my consultation. This other brand, however, trimmed down almost every significant detail due to unreasonable circumstances, and to the extent of the entire module to be reduced to becoming completely pointless why they even spent on something to begin with.


Again, an event should always have a deeper core or reasoning for its creation- especially for brands. When the event doesn’t have any set goals in place, it’s not a brand event anymore but rather, an accidental advanced holiday company party.

(With excerpts from my talk for Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan’s JMA Marketing School 2016; which was on the same day as this event and to compensate for my physical presence, I made an exclusive on that day only available vlog


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