COMMENCEMENT NIGHT – Nine Lives by Mikko Mahinay

Every year for the past four years, Gil Macaibay consolidates all of the qualities he’s known to a series of modelling workshops that culminates into one night of the calendar year: He’s known for being an outstanding and multi-awarded fashion designer, whose career has spanned for more than a decade and which has established local industry standards & a loyal clientele who has confidence in his craft, workmanship and ability to deliver, punctually. Gil Macaibay is also known for nurturing potential talented individuals in all fields of art– the long list of models, photographers, writers, organizers, stylists (& the list goes on) who have gave and still gives him due credit for any involvement Gil has had on their respective careers, and that includes myself. Gil is also known to be tailoring his shows into a spectacle for the senses to further compliment the caliber of his garments that walk through that runway- a mental invitation towards a deeper understanding behind his creations- not for simple shock factor that has no actual value or correlation to fashion at all, or to mask any lackluster piece on the runway with a flamboyant production involved. In this instance, it’s apparent to me that the primary significance behind his annual modelling workshop is beyond any deliberate means of revenue but rather, it’s his approach in reciprocating society’s contribution to his career, just as he has contributed to the community.

Truthfully, an authentic paramount force of motivation.














In this particular night of commencement, it is to no surprise to visibly notice the impeccable support Gil Macaibay receives from various sectors in the industry to which he has contributed to, that this becomes more than just a graduation of his workshop- but a celebratory reunion of the several individuals that have come to grow together into a family, from the years of working and helping each other. It can be quite poignant to know that despite instances and frequent complexities that arrive from competition in the world where art & commerce have to coexist, there will always be one of those nights where everyone just rejoices and see how each & everyone has grown. From the very first collection that came out on stage, which were stark white streamlined menswear pieces juxtaposed with the theatrical whimsy of mono-lens eyewear down to the very last pieces that were wistful of traditional John Galliano work, or Dolce and Gabbana’s Fall 2012 collection; I couldn’t help but grow nostalgic of my earlier days working in this industry; the several afternoons spent prying over the myriad of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar over at Gil Macaibay’s fashion studio, which have a great contribution to my existing aesthetic: in all of my multifaceted career in fashion.


Perhaps, if there is one last important thing that I have to give Gil Macaibay credit for, is to acknowledge the designer that it was in his code of ethics in paying it forward that I do frequent scouting, nurturing and developing potential talents. It would and is always more logical and fulfilling to partake the values rather than to deplete any possible competition.

Over and out.

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