CHEERS TO THAT – Nine Lives by Mikko Mahinay

One of the many things I frequently tell people seeking out for some sort of advice is that confidence is always key- in so many more ways than one, as it’s the only thing that borders between dreamers and achievers. In my entire career (and in all its multihyphenate glory), I have been quite vocal about my preference of working only with people that are confident in what they’re doing; self-conscious and often doubting individuals will only cost me of my time & temper. For instance, an ensemble well put-together will never be justified of its pristine regardless of how expensive your camera unit is if the model is constantly conscious about herself. In the word of commerce, confidence is an important element to success & a person who only dreams of their ideas but never has the confidence to take the risk of investment will never have their

business to begin with. Let’s include in this conversation the sensationalized marketing strategies in putting out your product or services to actually sell them (seriously, what’s the point of having a business anyway if you’re not going to put it out to be sold?) And in the world of bloggers/digital influencers, (which, will always have a defining border blurred beyond recognition. But clarified and differentiated here) the confidence that exists in Chiara Feragni, Aimee Song, Nicole Warne and the like, is what separates them from the starving artist of pre-digital age, the blue-collared employee in their 20’s with their robotic desk jobs and the socialite, who will just be the rich girl, but never had any actual contribution to society (ultimately contradicting the definition of a socialite.)

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetIn human sociology, whereas, the human biological design doesn’t have flamboyant feathers as with a peacock to attract a possible mate, most of us are attracted to confidence. As I mentioned here, I’m one who has difficulty in finding a date (is this another part wherein I say unfortunate?) because on one hand, I can never tell if anyone is actually interested in me because I’ve grown familiar with things that only involve business transactions. I’m so confident in my career decisions, business ventures and all other things, but I am definitely not confident in the entire process of flirting (which is, btw, not and never just translated to promiscuous. And probably because I’m like an orthodox sapiosexual) but I have told myself to try & loosen up a bit, and forego my overly analytical, dominant and corrective personality and just have a good time with someone- maybe, we won’t entirely end up in an idealistic mental portrait of a perfect partnership together with a white picket fence with the kids playing around the front yard, but just having the guts to start out a conversation with someone I might be attracted to just may start something.

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetWith myself taking more risks lately (& positively benefiting from the entire phase. Isn’t it odd how, when I was in a regular job I never had the opportunity to pay for my own international flights and now I’m a freelancer, I managed to book 4?) perhaps, now is the ideal time to take confidence in taking risks in socializing. Let’s start with some beer, shall we? San Mig Light please, so that it’s low in calories.
(P.S. Have you seen the new San Mig Light ad featuring Joseph Marco and Tom Rodriguez? I could use some of the tips here for some #MahabahabangInuman and actually know when someone is interested in me. Click here to view it.)


Photography / Vera Descano

Styling / Mikko Mahinay

Location / POPS Kitchen

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  1. Vera Lois says:

    Mik 🙂 The one you tagged is not me hahahaha cute kaayo!

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