ARMANI: KING OF DESIGN – Nine Lives by Mikko Mahinay

Truth be told, the name Armani is associated with the words royalty, craft and design.


It’s no question how contemporary marketing capitalizes so much on recall- with the more established brands and labels existing before the sudden influx and saturation of mass retail. These days, it is easier to get the name of your brand out with social media and the quintessential paradox along with its statistics but it takes several years of determination & hard work, consistency that equates to trust & eventual customer and audience loyalty and indispensable talent with constant improvement in order to leave a legacy.

As I have mentioned in this previous post, the current expansion of the world without borders has given even us Filipinos the privilege and access to several brands that sets afoot in our shores. But at the end of the day, the question that ultimately consumes our mind is: would we buy what is commercially hot right now but subliminally dispensable? Or would we invest in pieces that never wither, both in quality and in visual, over the years?

Admittedly, your brain instantly recalls Giorgio Armani the very instance you think of menswear suits- even when you hear of luxury scents and to some extent, timeless and well-made apparel for every gender. The Armani signature is never theatrical & flamboyant but never boring, rather groundbreaking in its own minimal, sleek and guaranteed formulas. Being in the industry for 40 years, Giorgio Armani is beyond just a fashion designer- he is an artist. And just like all artists, he is a multi-hyphenate, further extending his creativity on other ventures that are correlated with the signature Giorgio Armani aesthetic to really create a foothold with the brand name that translates to the more universal category: lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong; it has always been a personal branding exercise of mine that your personal choice of clothing should always be aligned with your lifestyle as with what I quoted rapper Verbz for my college yearbook motto, “how can you call it a lifestyle if you don’t live your life in style?



Indeed, with his expansion, it is without an argument that Armani is the king of design; for our generation, and for many more generations to come- a title that he has earned with his creativity and work ethics.  And to further create a foothold with his art and in our shores, Armani has developed Century Spire, which is founded on interplay of residential havens and commercial spaces. Befitting with Armani’s same sleek, modern and timeless aesthetic, offering tasteful fixtures, refined color palettes, and visually appealing accents all carefully researched and handpicked by the world-renowned Italian home fashion team, are just a small peek at how relevant and timeless design can uplift one’s experience to its utmost potential. As a structure aimed to change the consistently innovating skyline of Makati, it’s a sign that the city is ready for this new direction in fashion and design. No doubt, Armani/Casa will only confirm what people have known all along: its founder Giorgio Armani is a design king.

Photography, Grooming & Styling / Mikko Mahinay

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